Moo Lander Wiki

In this section, you can check all Moo Lander's Steam achievements. These are the following:

I Lander Icon.png
I, Lander Land successfully on Mars
Fatal Attraction Icon.png
Fatal Attraction Defeat the mighty cow Maggie YES
A bright light Icon.png
A bright light Get your beamers back
Eye of the Tiger Icon.png
Eye of the Tiger Defeat the mighty cow Cowger YES
Caves Master Icon.png
Caves Master Complete the Caves biome
The Mooltiverse Icon.png
The Mooltiverse Defeat the mighty cow Onyx
Hills Master Icon.png
Hills Master Complete the Hills biome
Two of a Kind Icon.png
Two of a Kind Defeat the two mighty calves Wipy and Boldie YES
Dashing through the Milk Icon.png
Dashing through the Milk Get your engine booster back
Before it lays eggs Icon.png
Before it lays eggs Defeat the mighty cow Arachne YES
Guns ablazing Icon.png
Guns a'blazing Get your guns back
Cow Zero Icon.png
Cow Zero Defeat the mighty cow Snowflake YES
I like to moove it moove it Icon.png
I like to moove it moove it Reach maximum experience level
One With Nature Icon.png
One With Nature Defeat the mighty cow Willow YES
Moo Moo Land Icon.png
Moo Moo Land Complete "Moo Lander"
The Milk Arts Icon.png
The Milk Arts Defeat the mighty cow Raven NO
Milk Ranger.png
Milk Ranger Complete the Daily Rofest biome
Necowmancer Icon.png
Necowmancer Defeat the mighty cow Beleth YES
Night Stalker Icon.png
Night Stalker Complete the Night Forest biome
Cowpunk Icon.png
Cowpunk Defeat the mighty cow Sapphire
True Cowboy Icon.png
True Cowboy Complete your first cow chase
Fight fire with milk Icon.png
Fight fire with milk Defeat the mighty cow Ruby YES
Adapt Overcowme Icon.png
Adapt, Overcowme Purchase an ability upgrade
Holy Cow Icon.png
Holy Cow Defeat the final mighty cow boss
Camooflage Master Icon.png
Camooflage Master Unlock a camouflage module
Roleplay Icon.png
Roleplay Get your first role in a multiplayer session
The Keymaker Icon.png
The Keymaker Gather all three keys for the chest YES
Cow-Op Icon.png
Cow-Op Beat your first cow together with a friend in a PvE multiplayer session
Stay Hidden Icon.png
Stay Hidden Collect all the camouflage modules
Milk from Below Icon.png
Milk from Below Defeat your first Lander in a PvP multiplayer session as a cow
A Story about the Milk Icon.png
A Story about the Milk Complete the game on Story Mode
Hard Milk Icon.png
Hard Milk Beat your first cow in a PvP multiplayer session
First Cowntact Icon.png
First Cowntact Defeat the mighty cow Berta
Galactic Moochampion Icon.png
Galactic Moochampion Complete your first Galactic Mooball multiplayer session
Cant Touch This Icon.png
Can't Touch This Block 100 enemy attacks with The Milk Shield NO
Milk Scorer Icon.png
Milk Scorer Score 10 goals in a Galactic Mooball match as a cow
Cheesing It Icon.png
Cheesing It Complete the game on Cheasy Mode NO
Lander Scorer Icon.png
Lander Scorer Score 10 goals in a Galactic Mooball match as a Lander
A New Challenger Icon.png
A New Challenger Complete the game on Challenge Mode NO
I Will Survive Icon.png
I Will Survive Survive all the enemy waves in Survive the Waves multiplayer mode
Iron Cow Icon.png
Iron Cow Defeat the mighty cow Athina YES
Golden Goal is back Icon.png
Golden Goal is back Score a golden goal in the Galactic Mooball multiplayer mode
Spoiled Milk Icon.png
Spoiled Milk Defeat the mighty cow Amatox YES
Galactose Intolerant Icon.png
Galactose Intolerant Complete the game on Legendairy Mode
The Cowardly Cow Icon.png
The Cowardly Cow Defeat the mighty cow Pebble